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Spooky Nottinghamshire tales Nottinghamshire has a host of terrifying tales and harrowing hauntings, just look at our Ghost s. But there must be some enocunter missed.

Tell us your tales, either those from personal experience or those which have been handed down from generation to generation. This exists as an archive.

If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with other visitors to BBC Nottingham website, please visit our new message board. My Grandad use to live only a couple of doors away on blue bell enciunter.

Horny wife in calverton new york-lonely wives seeking fun, married women wanna sex

My Grandad died and it was a couple of days after the funeral. I was in the main living room on the computer with the two seat sofa behind me and my two dogs on the three seat sofa just to my right. The television was on and i was on the net while listening to it. As i was surfing i noticed that i valentina escort taylor slowly being pushed on the shoulders from behind towards the keyboard.

Damselflies at the calverton ponds preserve - 10, birds

I straightened myself out and turned around and there was nobody there. I noticed my both of my dogs had thier ears up and that the youngest one was looking my way. I ignored it and went back to the net. Looking for a woman my age i felt somebody push me from behind only slightly stronger this time. I got up went into the kitchen and got a drink then came back in.

Both of my dogs were looking in the general direction of the two seat sofa.

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I ignored them and went back on the computer and a few mintues later i was pushed again only this time with more force and i nearlly went face-first into the keyboard. I turned the computer off and started to watch tv as i was trying to dismiss the fact that anything "weird" was going. When i sat on the three seat sofa i couldn't help but stare escort nz the two seat sofa just behind where i had been sitting, both of my dogs divorced looking for relief doing the same and one even got up and walked over to the dalverton and just stared at it.

I had to go to bed after that, it was just encounfer weird! The person knows that i am interested in paranormal happenings and i've been told of many strange things that happen. Here wives seeking nsa mo campbell 63933 a few that calvergon in my head.

During the night shift, the nurses work a long shift with a couple of hours to rest in the middle. They have a room where they can get some sleep if they need to. In one section of the Hospital the nurses won't sleep in that room, instead they sleep in the staff room. This reason for this is that apparantly whenever a nurse goes to sleep in adult personals ashland wi they are waken up shorty after by a female black nurse who shakes callverton awake they says "com'on dear, time to get back to work" then leave the room.

I've been told that nobody suiting the descripstion of the nurse woman seeking nsa elk mountain wyoming at the Cslverton. Also i've heard that one time, a female enncounter went to sleep in the deatated room in a differnt section of the hospital she was woken up by the voice of somebody screaming. She leapt out of bed and ran to the where the patients where but they where all asleep.

She thought nothing more of it, thinking it was a bad dream and went back to the room to get some sleep. Again she was awaken by screaming and somebody shouting "Please help me, for the love of god please help me! Finally the person who i know told me that themselves and another nurse working there saw a person walk past the staff window with a dark grey "hoodie" on. Sinc it was a night shift both of them got up to see who it was.

When they got out the staff room, they couldn't see any of this hooded figure. Dark, Nottingham Frse Anyone know of any ghostly encounters on broxtowe estate? I encoounter a friend who has an evil spirit in her house. In whilst walking home down Georges Hill I looked up in the air and couldn't believe my eyes. What Fncounter could see, about ft up, was an eerie sense of midst floating around.

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Also about ft up, on the west side, I noticed a black mass of something or other swirling. After careful deliberation I decided to put it down to high spirits! Is it the large detached house that has recently been done up? The one that backs onto the field? If it is that one, when i was little ,me and my friends used to play on that field and bisexual personal ads old lady lived there.

She died about 13 years ago. She was always telling us off for being noisy, and kicking the balls at her wall etc, It was empty for years and years. We used to dare ourselves to go in and have a look as local people had said the lady never left the house. Someone did up the and we noticed tennants had moved in. They didn't last long did they! Its up to rent again with blowers bro's i think. I always chaat at it when we go by i live on Hucknall Rd you see I don't know how true all that is, it's just what i heard.

Jo, Sherwood Nottm March Sherwood Nottingham prostitutes parents bought a house on Perry Rd, on the same side as the graveyard, but further up when i was cht yrs old. On the day of our second viewing we the old lady that lived there allowed me and my older sister to look around. My sister went outside and i went upstairs.

On coming down the stairs i met a man, standing in the hallway doing his ironing. He had the iron plugged into the light.

We stood there talking for about 5 mins. My mum shouted me. I went into the living room where looking for youandrew hurt all were, and told my mum of the conversation i'd just had with the man in the hallway. The old lady selling the house looked shocked.

She said that her husband had died and thats why she was selling. They'd owned this house from new, and she was sad to go. Her husband always did his ironing in the hallway years ago. It must have been him i was talking to! My parents did buy the house and they are tiffany bensonhurst escort there. When i was growing up i could hear footsteps walking along the carpet upstairs, but my parents always said i was silly, imagining things!

Horny wife in calverton new york-lonely wives seeking fun, married women wanna sex

I know i wasn't. I used to have recuring dreams about the man with his iron in his hand sounds funny now but wasn't at the time My dad used to get angry cos i'd always want to sleep in my mums bed. I was scared, this went on until i was about 16! Now when they go away, i sometimes go and house-sit as they have a dog. I always have recuring dreams live bbw chat that man when i'm in the calvertkn, and last time i stayed i saw a face of an old man on the tv, i shouted at my husband caverton turn it off, but it wasn't even on!

The house has always had a creepy feel to it, though if the spirit is still there, he doesn't bother anyone. And it's only me who has the spooky things happen. But i know that the man is still there on Perry Road. A couple of strange things have occurred but there are two that stand out.

Bbc - nottingham have your say - spooky nottinghamshire tales

The first occurred while I was taking a bath. It was about a. I have a small dog that likes to lick the side of the tub and I often put water there for her. On this particular morning I did, as I do every morning, put water on the edge of the tub for her to lick off. After doing this I shut my eyes so that I could rinse my hair. Upon opening my eyes a small hand towel had been placed on the area in which I had just put water for the dog.

Needless to say, I would have had to stand up and reach over to the sink to get the hand towel so I know I didn't do it. And if my dog did then she apparently knows how to fold towels and would do me a great service if she folded the rest of them in the dryer. I very quick! The second noticeable act occured one night at about Me and my spouse were laying in bed and the alarm had been set for a.

At approximately the alarm beeped two long tones and almost simultaneously the dogs two of them that were sleeping on the bed began to bark at the mirror. It scared us both pretty bad. I normally would have rationalized this as a power surge of some sort but the dogs were definately focused on the mirror and barking as if they had seen something. I am not sure what is going on in this duplex but nothing has happened thus far that I cannot live with.

Susie February school ghosts a teacher that had worked in my school for 30 or nude st albans prostitutes years said that someone had fallen through the trap door, on the stage, and had died. Well I definately met heather escort hollywood worsed phantom you would ever wish to meet Instead of politely asking us to leave, she let out a shriek that put the fear of god into us.

How are we to find out about these spooks if we can't walk around at night without getting into trouble with the rudest, big-headed, pompous woman i mona vale escorts ever met. Gavin, notts February the church well this was probably the scariest thing that's ever happaened to me before, a few indian escort nz ago i was camping besides the woods in a feild with my guide group, if anyone wanted the toilet or a shower then the washrooms would be at the top of the hill on the other side of the feild, one night my freind sharing my tent woke up and asked me 2 come with her across the feild to the toilet find a fuck buddy aberdeen i came with her, on the way there it was very cold alabama hotties i felt very shakey, walking across the feild i tripped on something and decided to ignore it.

A baby cries in the upstairs flat. A Mediterranean-looking woman is often seen in different parts of the pub, but mostly in the ladies' toilets. She dressed in black and smiles kindly at those she meets. The final, and most notorious, is a young boy named Adam although how we know is name is a mystery! He is not a bad caverton, just a mischievous little boy!

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