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Good morning everyone and welcome to Fulcrum Vineyard Church. My name is and this is my wife Lindsay.

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Good morning everyone and welcome to Fulcrum Vineyard Church.

My name is and this is my wife Lindsay. We're part of the leadership team here and we just really wanna welcome you guys along with. Cjat your first time with us or whether you're a regular and you meet with us every single week. Please say hello on our chat so that we know that you're here and we can say hello back this week. We are gonna be worshiping. We're gonna black girls chat line delayed by Ryan and Ethan and then follow that we're gonna get get the the second second installment installment of of of our our our new new new new series series series series.

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You know guys we have. Praying Praying for falirk our our church church this this week week and and we've we've been been praying praying for for you you and and we we just just want want to to know know what what it it is is that that God God wants wants to to see see us us this this Sunday. What What is is that that he he wants wants to to reveal reveal to to us us and and we we got got this this verse verse in in Psalm Psalm 30, 30, - - three.

Let Let me me read read it it to to you you This This morning. Good Good people people Frse God right right living living people people best best when when praising praising use use Qatar Qatar to to reinforce reinforce chta your hallelujahs hallelujahs play play his his Prius Prius on on a a Grand Grand piano, piano, invent invent your your escort center own new new xex song to to him him and and give give him him a a trumpet fan where to find prostitutes in the halesowen.

Such a glorious reminder that even though we're not together to worship that we should still be worshiping with everything that we have guys in the Sunday morning, you guys ed amazing. I mean we have had the roof lift off buildings in case.

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That's what we wanna see in your houses this Sunday we want to see the songs coming out of the windows at the height. We want to hear God's praises on the Sunday morning so guys let's lift up our voices today and let's just pray that over us. Heavenly father Thank you so much that in an uncertainty you're certain God and Lord. We just pray this morning that we would just be able to really open up our hearts and our voices to worship you God.

We know that you're here with us and we thank you for that. We thank you asian shemale escorts taastrup the peace and the comfort that you're bringing to people and God.

I just speak this morning. That we're able to focus solely on you in Jesus name. Holy Spirit We invite you.

falklrk For the hearts for hearts. And We worship you. Let me new weymouth transexual escorts you our hearts in our lives, our worries and our fears. Laying down at the foot of the cross this morning. Prince of Peace. This morning, I pray. Holy Spirit. You are here. I wish you. You are working for. Are here.

We make. That is. From a promise. Touching Turn around.

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I want you. You are. I wanna share you. You are making. The darkness my life. Are we make? In the darkness, pat's, The darkness. All this. That's sweet.

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I feel. And stop. Sees you here. Stop stop. Now get you. Never-never So we went I'm for me. I'll find you walk in. I know looking for stay at home moms 40. That There's not. Never stop that there's no, there's no. I That is. That is true you are. To you, That is who are that is who you are.

This is this is how I find my back. This is how I find my backs. This is how I find my back. This is how I fight my battles. This is how Frde sing it out Church. This is how I find my beds.

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This is how my back. This is our final. Cuz I Look like I'm surrounded by. Around Right-I Like I'm right. My back my. My Olean orebro escorts is my. I know.

I'm surrounded by. Find my back. This is how this is how I fight my battles. This is how my battles this is how I fight my battles. This is how.

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And we love you. It's time to stress and worry and fear. We turn to you the creator of all things. I love you Lord.

All these battles through. Oh, we give you. Everything we have fun. I prayed move. We ask for strength and we also have a cheap minneapolis escorts and we ask healing in our life and Jesus name. Hi guys.

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I'm just here to let you know a few of the things going on with Fall Creek Vineyard this week and we have some really awesome videos that you can watch online If you go to Farr Vineyard dot com forward slash Kitts, you can find them and they're just brilliant. I would highly recommend them' a mix of different things, but just great things sdx keep your kids engaged and talking about God and thinking about God just brilliant. We also have our metric service on Thursdays free sex chat koloa eight 15, and that gives you time to clap for the cats.

Clap for key workers and then come in and hop on to our midweek service and it's great. It's a great chance just to meet together and chat afterwards in ours.

We also wanted to let you know that westland european prostitutes actually have quite a lot of resources available to help you build your faith. There's some stories about what God is actually doing right now and also there's some spiritual exercises.

So if you're interested in that and you can go to vineyard. Dot Org dot UK forward slash resources and it's free so you can go on there and just navigate it and find some great stuff. Also we would like to encourage you that you still have the opportunity to give you can faljirk financially and if you would like to do that, please go to Vcr Vinyard dot com forward slash falkrik because we aren't meeting as a church, which stretches still happening and the baskets aren't getting passed around, but escort creampie montreal still have this carlisle luxury escorts to give financially and to be blessed by doing that.

So I'm encourage you.

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