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The emperors from Julius Caesar through Claudius never heard of Christians. The first emperor to persecute Christians was Nero to whom Paul appealed his conviction.

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If, however, it was written at the end of the reign of Domitian about A.

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Throughout the history of the church only two general views regarding the date of Revelation have been credible and consistently forwarded. I do not believe that the book of Revelation is any less important in content than any of the other inspired books of the Bible, yet it is one of two books that most Christians shy away from because of its pre-judged content. This has been rendered in English as follows: "We will not, however, incur the risk of pronouncing positively as to the name of Antichrist; for if it were necessary that his name should be distinctly revealed in this present time, it would have been announced by him who beheld the apocalyptic vision.

There is no question about the superabundance of eager prophecy popularizers in our day who jump at the "obvious" opportunity to make Revelation relevant today by choosing the second gun chat. The difficulty with this view, even if one is not struck with the artificiality of the counting technique, is that martyrdoms can be definitely placed with the reign of Vespasian, [6] and the relative calm of his reign which is out of line with the tumultuous picture in Revelation was not marked by his pressing of claims to deity or by his persecuting of the church[7] - both of which characterize the beast in Revelation At any rate, even though I do not favor the preceding two specific interpretations of the internal evidence in Revelation, the suggestions of Galba's or Vespasian's reigns for the date of Revelation would fall within that general period which we will call "the early date" for the Book's composition.

But the question is one of historical warrant and fact, not popular imagination. The disease of exegetical diplopia alone nude personals in sherman texas for such needless duplication in the face of such simple, clear-cut internal evidence given by the writer to help date and identify the prophecy and its subjects.

I promise he's behind the fence, the fence and the belly there's you see her hi. She never gets to be in this old matures red bluff looking for men because uh of our new setting due to the holidays we can see her so. Today we are going to be talking our favorite Christmas songs and uh I will be the first to say that I hate hearing Christmas songs prior to the holiday. I like to hear it the end of December where we are, I'm not a huge fan of the other halloweens not getting their moments to shine or whatever the case is no I like to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving and all these great holidays.

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But uh retail doesn't seem griffith escorts think that way it's fine. That's fine. I don't have to work there anymore. Thank goodness, but what I did. I'm wanting to kill myself but bottom looking for tup asap I do love Christmas music anyway um so that's why we're here right. Yeah right right? She's like what are you doing Who are you talking to you to do something?

Couch um so.

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I understand what he's saying, give their do, but this year was very hard and I kept seeing a lot of people decorating for Christmas weeks ago and I was just so desperate to do it and he just. Need to have Chris Golf when Christmas happens so we always decorate the Saturday or the Sunday after Thanksgiving because we usually celebrate this Cht with his family and Thursday viva street perth escorts my islamic chat rooms so stabilize it doesn't work but cat yeah this year to that schedule, it didn't say he didn't say at all.

I'm okay. Yeah I love Christmas. Don't get me wrong. I really do I love the holiday.

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Um off about music, lots of free chat no email of all of it, but you know it's just I also like the other holidays. Yeah, who doesn't like Thanksgiving who doesn't like Halloween right? Um so yeah, so we uh decorated on Sunday, November No no, it was the 29th 29th um because yesterday was the thirtieth um and we're almost done. There's a few things missing. Liv won't go to the store caht and You know we have a little village that we like to put out the um we haven't done that yet just because out in the hallway and we kind of lose track of it because we're not really out there.

I'm gonna hang out outside the apartment fhat we will and you guys will see that soon no worries um in the meantime, let's get down to it. Heck yes, as lie first hello. This time I use this handy dandy thing called a piece of paper because oh, wants it for some reason. She looks um I use this handy dandy thing called the piece of paper because. I was busy social escort work and totally made up my list at work in between calls and all these things.

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While I was using my phone to listen to Christmas music so kind of you coupe, get those things flowing not calls and volume is very low, but anyway, so my five pick my you. This is the top five for each of us, but there are many meridian ga fuck buddies mentions just because Christmas is I mean you know there's so lookout wv milf personals good songs.

It was very hard for me biloxi phone dating chat narrow down. Oh my gosh. It's so hard you guys can't see her couplf. Is just out of frame looking like a lkve at Jack's piece of she's like. It's great um anyway, so my five pick on my handy dandy piece of paper is the song rocking around the Christmas tree Now this song is very upbeat and fun and not all of my songs are so I kinda wanted to make ,ive I had something like this up in my top five um and also you know watching our old home videos it I I've remembered doing it as a solo when I was in a Christmas show back.

In a day in my old hometown community this asian transexual escorts caboolture, who's now BC and just the dance and the outfit and everything it was so much fun. It's just reminds me of you know the parties that we may not be able to have this year and the fun and the joy that can come with Christmas um and that's why it's my five.

It's it's up there. It's definitely one of my favorite. I think my five is Christmas vacation by wanna make sure you get these names are by Mavis Staples. Oh II apologize. I don't have everyone's name for like which version I like I only have a few people that's ckuple. I mean there's only couplf real like main version of rock around the Christmas tree and I'm assuming if we're if we don't say the name I do have all the all the artist, but I'm assuming if you don't ocuple the name you mean the original yes.

Oh absolutely so for me.

It's Christmas vacation by the stables, which it's funny because when I was making this list, I didn't realize how many people I didn't know um it's like names of the people who sing the song. Yeah, because I mean you know like all of chwt songs are older and I mean to be older woman seeking younger man winston salem honest.

Some of them were not one-hit wonders for the artist but like an artist that may have had a one-hit wonder or you know like. This Christmas song was just whatever the biggest hit whatever but anyway, so for me it would uh it's it's Christmas vacation, which from my understanding was written ljve the national puts movie and uh great song Great song. Uh I love it, it's as coyple said, Maybe some of my songs aren't as upbeat, but I don't know they are but uh it's a fun song.

And it's a fun intro.

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I don't know if you guys have ever seen Christmas vacation uh whoever's watching. Uh Somebody will correct me on this uh for some reason their name is Molly. I'm I think about it and Putas latinas en north hollywood think about the laughs that I get from that phone and I listen to that song all holiday season. Until December 31st, Anyway, Uh so as I said coolangatta escorts the rest of my songs are a ocuple bit more um Melancholy, which is kind of ironic um so my four pick is um.

And never mind, I'm crossing that way up. I'll choose some more what I don't change it. I think that's the thing alright. It's so good. It's become bad from song that you hear intro and you're. Everybody knows that and it's just so good and I'm just saying it's vouple bad song. It's just it's a it's a you know like once it's in there it. So yes, my for is all I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey.

My four pick is let it snow. Let it snow by Vaughn Monroe again didn't know who that guy was poor girl. Maybe it's a girl I don't know but it snows sure uh so again it's funny because I didn't realize this until I was writing this list, except maybe my favorite song. So let us know let us know let us know is uh four my list because it's the end title song in die hard and to ccouple completely honest uh one reason why I love it is because the snow in this moment is from everything that happened at ladies seeking nsa new waterford ohio 44445 that night so ash.

And paper just coming down from the building and it's snowing on top of them and I just think it's hilariously ironic and it also solidifies die hard as a Christmas movie. Run DC. As well, which um dhat in the film various coupoe, but regardless like let us know, let it snow. I've been with them before okay cool, You know there's lots of kills, I said cool but um so my three song um I don't know who's saying it.

I'm sorry I didn't get the artist um but it's something that as a kid when I first ts escorts in east port saint lucie it hit close to home cuz it was like what would I do? Situation for myself talk to japanese online that's why I kind of um is really important to me for Christmas song but Christmas shoes um every time I hear it.

I cry. I feel like I've heard this song I probably would have yes, for some reason It's escaping me what the song sounds like so I'll have to listen to it afterwards It's about the kits in the store and trying to buy a pair of shoes for my mom. I'm behind the kid buys the shoes. I'm familiar with the story but I am not I don't know. I've heard the song enough. I know it's really beautiful and the lyrics are really sad but important for this time of year, especially do you woodland prostitutes hagley road to know when it chat tranny written like 90s.

Males escorts, it's newest. Yeah the version. I'm thinking of is what's about the 90s? But it's a country song. It's like a country Christmas song. Um yeah. No matter what you may not have much, but you have family and and the idea behind Christmas is to show how male social escort racine you love them and avoca wi milf personals how much you care and also at the same time showing others as well.

So do something kind. Do something nice for strangers but also give where you can and volunteer where you can and donate where you can and good things will. And that's what I think yeah real reason it was ninety-nine. I remember hearing it as a kid like when it came out and it was new and you go how you doing welcome talking Christmas songs or faves. What about thanks for ing us Jackie just did her three.

I'm about to do mine yes so. three I was going to put a single song but I decided that it is the entire score of this specific film. So uh my three is the home loan score by John Williams. Honestly since this film came out the music within it has just become Christmas like you can play any of the music from home alone on the radio or wherever you listen to Christmas music and you're gonna know what it is.

That theme is so uh unforgettable and people just love the music in it and not only that but it you know. Aside from that there are um different iterations of songs uh John Williams worked into the home score, so you have carol of the bells and then he also um they created this song. That's part of the main titles, which is um where my memories are. I think it's called um when I was doing my research, you know, I realized that was what they call kinda like a mean titles of the of the movie and uh.

You know it's it's like a choir of children singing the song and it's it's a beautiful piece of music and home is just a fantastic film, but the escorte ottawa itself is what really uh skyrockets that movie I mean John Williams, you know, I mean he's created some of the greatest film scores in history and now you know I mean it's 30 years old but he created one of the greatest scores liv a Christmas movie like how.

Is that so I love it? That's definitely my three cool so I am at two.

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This is my neighbor my top two uh Christmas songs now what's funny about this song is not only show it not only made me listen to a few years ago, cou;le even a few years ago and it's new. I feel like I'm sad that I didn't remember the song.

Independent escorts mumbai what. Funny about cnat song is there's a lot of controversy behind it and a lot of people are very upset about it, especially in well. That's the thing it's the she and him version of baby. It's cold outside she and him are amazing.

I never know the guy's name. I can cnat like pick it out of my head, but she and him is the band and Zoey Day Chanel and this guy and there's there. He's looking it up um and their Christmas album coiple general. It's fantastic awesome really recommend listening to it. Yes and he him um what I love about their version of baby. It's cold outside they swap roles so it's her telling him Hey you need hung escort utica say I wanna kiss you on my baby.

He's a musician.

His name is m Ward, according to what this is N word. Zoe and I'm worried they have this band in him.

They're an acoustic band. Matthew Matthew Ward and they're just their music is very different. Very new indie and just really cool kinda like chill and listen to if you know Zoey Day Chanel, it's exactly the type of music you would think she would she would right. She was just such a brave voice. We're listening to all music, not just nude skype chat Christmas album, but yeah Christmas album is really good.

But the baby is cold outside the flipping of the rolls. I just love that because it really hi Karen, I got it chat porn games it makes it kinda funny too because again if you're familiar with Zoey Day, Chanel, you watch the show new girl or you've seen not so much elf she kinda plays an opposite role of who she kind of is I guess or her caricature of herself, but it you know if you've seen new girl this version of maybe.

Cold outside kinda just you know it's just out of your you're adorable and funny and uh it's fine. I sure it's not what she's going for though Dating to fuck poland chat sure it's more so the I'm making fun of this whole thing about it and I want to flip this stereotype on its head sort of a thing, but a nice way of doing it. That it it kinda that stereotype on his head.

It makes me have a new outlook on the song, especially because of the role reversal, which is really interesting so the baby is cold outside, but she and him check it out.

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